AccuSharp Knife Sharpener, A Powerful Knife Sharpener

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The ability for items we use to have flexibility gives them more power.  They can do more that other others can.  The Accusharp Knife Sharpener has the flexibility of being mobile while many other sharpens are either too large, or require an electrical outlet.  Unless you want to carry around a plug in battery, just so you can use your knife sharpener it's better off at home. This is great if you're a hunter or a fisher and like to fillet your fish right there or if you need to sharpener your knife, it's finished in a flash.  A bonus is how handheld the sharpener is, you can carry it in the palm of your hand so it can be thrown into any toolkit or glove box.

What's great with the sharpener is that even though it's small, it's extremely well made, having only the necessities.  That being said, the sharpening blades are some of the highest quality materials ever made.  The material is called tungsten carbide a common metal in the drilling and mining industry, used in armor piercing bullets by the military and as jewelry.  These blades can sharpen nearly any knife, except ceramic and a few other nonmetals.  The provides excellent speed and lifetime of the sharpener.

The sharpener has an average life time of 5-10 years from customer based reviews.  The blades can be turned around doubling the life time of the sharpening blades.  The sharpening process takes about 5 seconds or two to three swipes with the initial time being maybe 10 seconds or about 5 swipes. A  longer initial time is because the v-notch in the sharpener conforms the knife blade to the v-notch.  Afterwards, the blades will take no time at all.  A hand guard is provided allowing for safety and greater ease of use, knowing you have some amount of protection.

A common hint customers say are to hold the sharpener at an angle that is parallel to the knife edge and move in smooth movements with only gentle pressure.  Accusharp's ease of use, flexibly, durability, speed at sharpening really make this a premier sharpener that stands out.  Pricing is what really can change your outlook, because the sharpener is less than $10 on Amazon with replacement blades running at just $7.  If you ever needed a sharpener, the AccuSharp Knife sharpener would most likely be a great starting point for anyone. 

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AccuSharp Knife Sharpener, A Powerful Knife Sharpener

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AccuSharp Knife Sharpener, A Powerful Knife Sharpener

This article was published on 2011/10/25