Shopping at Tuesday Morning Or TJ Maxx - How to Do It

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Oh my goodness, do I ever love Tuesday Morning and TJ Maxx! I walk through those stores and cannot believe the "stuff" they have. Where in the World does it all come from?

Crystal, holiday items, pillows, toys, wonderful bedding. You name it, and more than not, they have it. Or at least, something close enough that 2nd best turns out to be best.

Why shop anywhere else first?

However, you need to really understand, that they also have garbage mixed in with the junk. So, you need to:

1. Do a little walking through great department stores to learn the better brand names for all types of products.

2. Check out what the better brand product prices are.

3. Be sure when you do find a great brand and you want to purchase what they have, that they have enough, (i.e., if it is dishes and you want a service for 8, be sure they have them where you are. I bought an amazing design of Fitz & Floyd dishes. Dinner plates, salad plates, saucers, bowls, soup bowls, unbelievably beautiful cups and a platter). If you buy a few and come back or run all over town to find more, you probably are going to be out of luck.

4. Carefully check to be sure if you are interested in glass or china items, that there are no chips or cracks. Often we look at something then get home and discover a minute crack or chip. If you are gift shopping, you certainly don't want to give something that has a blemish, and wing up being embarrassed!

5. If a great holiday is coming soon, like Christmas, find out when their holiday things are coming in and get there as fast as you can. In my experience, the better items come in first and you know what happens at these stores. First come, first served!

6. Check out where a product was made. Sometimes, dishes are NOT microwaveable and often, a whole set of something is hand painted and not suitable for food.

7. KEEP YOUR RECEIPT. How often, like me, do you want to return something and can't find the receipt?

8. Be sure you are signed up for their sales. Once in a while, especially at Tuesday Morning, they will have a serious closeout. I purchased twelve, $220 Goetz dolls for $11 each, in perfect condition including the boxes.

Now go shopping, and I wish you as much sale success as I always have.

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Shopping at Tuesday Morning Or TJ Maxx - How to Do It

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This article was published on 2010/03/27