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Whether a smoker or not, majority of people have heard of the Zippo brand lighters. During the Great Depression, George G. Blaisdell from Bradford, Pennsylvania founded the Zippo brand lighter, and it has remained a popular accessory for many since. The idea for this lighter stemmed from a more complicated Australian version. Blaisdell used the chimney idea from this lighter to maintain a wind proof lighter, but the Zippo lighter is designed to be easily operated. The name Zippo is a derivative of the word zipper. Mr. Blaisdell liked the sound of the word zipper so he found a way to incorporate it into his product.

Zippo lighters are known for their durability and dependability. Zippos have always been backed by a manufacture unlimited lifetime guarantee. In the late 1950s, a Zippo was removed from the belly of a fish and lit on the first try. While this is not recommended, it definitely shows how durable these lighters really are. When America entered World War II, Zippo supplied the military with lighters. They ceased production for consumer markets and dedicated all manufacturing to the U.S. military. These must be dependable if troops are relying on these lighters while in the thick of battle. Now, most people who own a Zippo do not find themselves in such dismal conditions; knowing they are reliable is definitely an added bonus when purchasing one though.

When Zippo lighters were first made they were plain. The military initiative was the reason for the production of the steel case Zippo with the black crackle effect. As time went on Zippos began featuring logos and designs on them. In the mid-30s, Kendall Refining Company ordered Zippos with their company logo on them. These are believed to be the first "advertiser" Zippo. Zippos are now used to advertise companies all over the world. There are many different designs available. In the early 50's Zippo designed the Zippo Slim. These were geared toward women by featuring a smaller, thinner design. From the chrome Zippo to the more colorful or designed look, there are Zippo lighters that are sure to satisfy everyone.

Although Zippo lighters are extremely reliable, general maintenance is required. It seems pointless to own a Zippo if you are not going to take care of it properly. Zippo brand offers all the accessories you could possibly need to maintain your lighter. Assuring there is the proper level of fluid, the right size wick, and flint to provide a spark are the basic maintenance required. Zippo fluid, Zippo wicks, and Zippo flints are inexpensive and easy to replace. There are other accessories available such as a lighter pouch to carry your lighter in. This makes finding your lighter a lot easier; no more digging through your pockets or shuffling through the contents of a purse to find your lighter. Zippo lighters have been counted on for many years now. They are a great buy for anyone who uses a lighter on a regular basis, and for people who only use one periodically.

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Zippo Lighters and Accessories

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This article was published on 2010/03/26